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STLport library has been proudly serving C++ community since 1997. This tool has proven to be a lifesaver for many C++ fellows caught in nasty C++ conformance traps. Having STLport as a tool allowed them to forget about messy C++ portability issues and concentrate on getting the actual job done. On some platforms, STLport is still the only available ANSI C++ library option, like on IBM OS/390 and TPF systems, where STLport is officially supported by IBM as ANSI C++ solution.
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It is only the collective effort of many STLport contributors around the world that has made it possible. It is yet another example of the situation when people in the industry need a tool that could not be created by the industry means. Luckily for us, we traditionally have a community in the software industry which helps us create tools for ourselves. Thanks to everybody who contributed to STLport development!
STLport as a company is honoured to provide professional services to industry leaders in Silicon Valley and nationwide. STLport consultants help powering up cutting-edge projects for companies like IBM, 3Com, eBay, Veritas, and many more.
Across The Borders: In today's environment, it is becoming more and more common to spread project development between different timezones and locales. STLport experience in offshore project management can dramatically slash project costs for US clients. We work with cream of the crop development teams in Russia, through our partners - RAS Innovations.
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